Reset mikrotik to factory default


  • Loading the backup RouterBOOT loader
    Hold this button before applying power, release after three seconds since powering, to load backup Boot loader. This might be necessary if the device is not operation because of a failed RouterBOOT upgrade. When you have started the device with the backup loader, you can either set RouterOS to force backup loader in the RouterBOARD settings, or have a chance to reinstall the failed RouterBOOT from a fwf file (total 3 seconds)
  • Resetting the RouterOS configuration
    If you keep holding this button for 2 more seconds until LED light starts flashing, release the button to reset RouterOS configuration (total 5 seconds)
  • Enabling CAPs mode
    To connect this device to a wireless network managed by CAPsMAN, keep holding the button for 5 more seconds, LED turns solid, release now to turn on CAPs mode (total 10 seconds)
  • Starting the RouterBOARD in Netinstall mode
    Or Keep holding the button for 5 more seconds until until LED turns off, then release it to make the RouterBOARD look for Netinstall servers. You can also simply keep the button pressed until the device shows up in the Netinstall program on Windows (total 15 seconds)




Button reset

Most RouterBOARD devices are fitted with a reset button.

Using: unplug device from power, press and hold the button right after applying power and wait until the USER LED starts flashing. Now release the button to clear configuration.

Note: If you wait until LED stops flashing, and only then release the button - this will instead launch Netinstall mode, to reinstall RouterOS.


Jumper hole reset

All RouterBOARD current models are also fitted with a reset jumper hole. Some devices might need opening of the enclosure, RB750/RB951/RB751 have the jumper hole under one of the rubber feet of the enclosure.

Using: Close the jumper with a metal screwdriver, and boot the board until the configuration is cleared.



Jumper reset for older models

The below image shows the location of the Reset Jumper on older RouterBOARDs like RB133C:


Note: Don't forget to remove the jumper after configuration has been reset, or it will be reset every time you reboot.

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