Enabling SNMP in Cisco Routers / Switches

This article will guide your through the steps to enable SNMP in Cisco Routers and Switches


  1. Telnet to the router/switch
    prompt#telnet testrouter
  2. Go to the enable mode by specifying the password:
  3. Go into configuration mode:
    Router#configure terminal 
    Enter configuration commands, one per line. End 
    with CNTL/Z. 
  4. Use the command below to add a Read-Only community string:
    Router(config)#snmp-server community DBB76EQ3k4Qu RO
    where "public" is the Read-only community string.
  5. To add a Read-Write Community string, use the command below:
    Router(config)#snmp-server community private RW
    where "private" is the Read-write community string.
  6. Exit the configuration mode and save the settings:
    Router#write memory 
    Building configuration... 
To enable SNMP traps, follow the steps below in the Configuration mode of the Router/Switch:


First, set the host to which the traps have to be sent using the folowing command: 
snmp-server host <IP Address> version <v1 or 2c> <RO community string>
<IP Address> refers to the IP Address of the device to which the traps have to be sent
<v1 or 2c> refers to the SNMP version
<RO community string> refers to the Read-Only community string
Then, enable SNMP Traps using the command below:
snmp-server enable traps [notification-type] [notification-option] 
Ex: snmp-server enable traps config [this will send all configurationnotifications as traps]


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