Using prometheus exporter on Windows Server / Hyper-V Server


In our case, many of the hosts are Windows instances. So, in this case, we have decided to use the wmi_exporter, written by Martin Lindhe, which is also Open Source.

The setup it’s quite easy:

  1. We download the latest release of the wmi_exporter, we install it on the host machine, and it will install a Windows Service, which will use the WMI API to get all the information about the instance. On the Services list, we can see it running. blobid1.png
  2. After that, we can check the metrics by using the browser in http://localhost:9182/metrics, directly. We can also here check if all the metrics we need are enabled. Otherwise we might need to enable additional collectors on the wmi_exporter (either by passing parameters while installing it, or by changing the configs once it was installed).




msiexec /i wmi_exporter-0.7.0-amd64.msi ENABLED_COLLECTORS=os,cpu,cs,logical_disk,memory,net,system



msiexec /i wmi_exporter-0.7.0-amd64.msi ENABLED_COLLECTORS=os,cpu,cs,hyperv,logical_disk,memory,net,service,system
.\wmi_exporter.exe --collectors.enabled "os,cpu,cs,hyperv,logical_disk,memory,net,service,system"


msiexec /i wmi_exporter-0.7.0-amd64.msi ENABLED_COLLECTORS=os,cpu,cs,ad,logical_disk,memory,net,system


1C Server:

msiexec /i wmi_exporter-0.7.0-amd64.msi ENABLED_COLLECTORS=os,cpu,cs,logical_disk,memory,net,system,mssql






Enabled by default

ad Active Directory Domain Services  
cpu CPU usage
cs "Computer System" metrics (system properties, num cpus/total memory)
container Container metrics  
dns DNS Server  
hyperv Hyper-V hosts  
iis IIS sites and applications  
logical_disk Logical disks, disk I/O
memory Memory usage metrics  
msmq MSMQ queues  
mssql SQL Server Performance Objects metrics  
netframework_clrexceptions .NET Framework CLR Exceptions  
netframework_clrinterop .NET Framework Interop Metrics  
netframework_clrjit .NET Framework JIT metrics  
netframework_clrloading .NET Framework CLR Loading metrics  
netframework_clrlocksandthreads .NET Framework locks and metrics threads  
netframework_clrmemory .NET Framework Memory metrics  
netframework_clrremoting .NET Framework Remoting metrics  
netframework_clrsecurity .NET Framework Security Check metrics  
net Network interface I/O
os OS metrics (memory, processes, users)
process Per-process metrics  
service Service state metrics
system System calls
tcp TCP connections  
thermalzone Thermal information  
textfile Read prometheus metrics from a text file
vmware Performance counters installed by the Vmware Guest agent  

See the linked documentation on each collector for more information on reported metrics, configuration settings and usage examples.

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